Infant carrier Aton Q: Score of 1.6 at the Test 06/2014

Excellent safety! Our pioneering infant carrier CYBEX Aton Q was awarded an excellent score of 1.6 at the Test 06/2014 by German consumer testing organisation Stiftung Warentest. A historic top score for the belted version! The infant car seat received a “good” by the German automobile club ADAC. The Aton Q also achieved exceptional results in the subcategories safety (“very good”) and harmful substances (“very good”).

Test results as a driving force for continual improvement

To achieve the highest safety levels, CYBEX products have to pass hundreds of internal crash tests. What’s more, our car seats are regularly tested and evaluated by independent test institutes. With tests conducted by German automobile club ADAC and German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest, for example, the test criteria go far beyond the legally required standards, making them an important driving force in the continual improvement of child safety. We learn from the results of each of these tests and they lead to the immediate improvement and further development of our products.

Top score for the belted version

Most parents use the Aton Q secured by the vehicle belt. The Aton Q was awarded a historic top score for the belted version. We are especially proud of this excellent result.

The results in the individual categories

The features and scores of the Aton Q in the tested categories at a glance:


  • Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)
  • The very first forces of an accident are transferred by the extended side-protector facing the door
  • The flexible material and structure of the infant car seat then absorbs the forces of an impact and channels them away from the baby
  • Rated “Very Good” in the subcategory “safety” by the ADAC


  • No need for the difficult threading in and out of the harness which makes it almost impossible to misuse
  • The baby carrier grows with the child
  • Can also be combined with CYBEX and many other-brand prams and buggies to form a practical travel system.
  • Rated “Good” in the subcategory “handling/ergonomics” by the ADAC
  • The new telescopic Linar Side-impact Protection can be easily and individually adjusted
  • Height-adjustable headrest
  • Suitable for the transport of newborns
  • Removable seat insert

Harmfull substances

  • Very low contaminant loads
  • Rated “Very Good” in the subcategory “harmfull substances” by the ADAC


  • The cover is washable and can be combined with a summer cover
  • Rated “Very Good” in the subcategory “by the ADAC

Results from Austria and Switzerland

The German ADAC and Austrian ÖAMTC agreed, too, and awarded the infant carrier with a good. The Aton Q even scored a historic top grade of 0.6 (very good) for its excellent side-impact protection when installed with the ISOFIX base at the Austrian Automobile Club ÖAMTC. The safety conscious Swiss also go along with the good results. As per TCS (Touring Club Switzerland), the Aton Q is very recommendable.

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