Consumer testing organisations recommend buying high-quality car seats

  • Scandalous result of latest child car seat test
  • Six out of ten seats rated „poor“
  • Four CYBEX seats recommended by testing organisation

Consumer testing organisations like the German automobile club ADAC or the leading German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest ensure that the safety, e.g. of child car seats is tested and rated transparenly. The continuous tightening of the testing criteria significantly contributes to increase the safety of children in the car.

The current autum test 10/2014 by Stiftung Warentest and ADAC put the spotlight on “cheap“ child restraint systems, thoroughly testing ten low price seats. The tests include front and side crash as well as testing for harmful substances and handling & ergonomics. The result is quite shocking: Six out of the ten tested seats were rated “poor“ by Stiftung Warentest and five failed completely in terms of accident safety.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC therefore generally recommend buying high-quality car seats. We are mentioned by StiWa four times: The car seats CYBEX Sirona (Gr. 0+/1), CYBEX Juno 2-fix (Gr.1), CYBEX Pallas 2-fix (Gr. 1/2/3) and CYBEX Solution X2-fix (Gr. 2/3) are some of the best car seats from previous tests since 2011.

“Child safety is our top priority.It is therefore no coincidence that our child car seats consistently achieve top scores in the most important European safety and consumer tests. We see the current child car seat test as a confirmation of our claim to consequently drive innovation in the area of safety, design and functionality“, says Martin Pos, CYBEX CEO.

CYBEX Sirona – Safely rear-facing from birth up to 18kg (approx. 4 years)

A rear-facing child seat reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80% when compared to a conventional forward-facing seat with harness system, as the force of an impact is distributed evenly over a large area.*


  • Safely rear-facing up to approx. 4 years
  • 360° rotation with easy entry position
  • Front-facing with adjustable safety cushion (9 –18 kg)
  • One-click installation with ISOFIX
  • Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)

Leading consumer organisations therefore recommend that children remain in rear-facing child seats even beyond group 0+. The excellent safety performance and clever functionality of the pioneering combination car seat Sirona was awarded TEST WINNER by Germany’s leading consumer testing organisation Stiftung Warentest in the test 6/2012.

*According to research conducted by VTI – Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (Rapport 489A, 2003)

CYBEX Juno 2-fix – Test Winner in the European Child Car Seat Test 11/2013

The international teams of CYBEX engineers have been researching solutions on how to achieve greater safety for forward-facing Group 1 children. The result is Juno 2-fix.


  • Adjustable safety cushion (patent pending)
  • Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus)
  • ISOFIX Connect for more safety and stability

The Group 1 seat is the Stiftung Warentest TEST WINNER 11/2013. Europe’s biggest automobile club ADAC awarded the top rating “very good” in all test categories: amongst others thanks to the adjustable safety cushion (patent pending), the optimised Linear Side-impact Protection, and the very good handling and ergonomics. The ISOFIX Connect System further enhances the stability and safety of the seat.

CYBEX Pallas 2-fix – Two-in-One Safety

As a 2-in-1 car seat Pallas 2-fix can be used for more than 11 years. According to Stiftung Warentest and ADAC it is one of the best car seats that grow with the child in Group 1/2/3. WHICH? rated its safety performance in accidents as excellent throughout the entire lifespan, and awarded its side-impact protection with the top mark – 5 stars.


  • Adjustable safety cushion (patent pending)
  • 2-in-1 seat: can be used for more than 11 years
  • Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus)
  • Comfort Recline function ensures a relaxed journey
  • ISOFIX Connect for more safety and stability

When in Group 1 mode, Pallas 2-fix boasts an adjustable safety cushion which resembles an inflated airbag, reducing the risk of serious neck injuries in the event of a head-on collision without confining the child. For children aged approx. 3 and above, a simple conversion turns the seat into the award-winning Group 2/3 car seat Solution X2-fix. New side protectors absorb the impact energy at a very early stage providing an innovative side impact protection. The ISOFIX Connect System offers enhanced safety and greater stability in both groups. The seat is also compatible with cars not equipped with ISOFIX.

CYBEX Solution X2-fix – Uncompromised safety

Thanks to its many innovative safety features the child seat Solution X2-fix received top results at the European child safety test in Group 2/3 (6/2011). Due to an optimized side-impact protection it also achieved outstanding test scores in side-impact performance. Solution X2-fix was also awarded the coveted quality seal and top recommendation “Best Buy” by the British consumer organization WHICH?


  • Patented 3-position reclining headrest
  • Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus)
  • 11-position height-adjustable
  • ISOFIX Connect for more safety and stability

The most important element in the safety concept of the Solution series is the CYBEX patented reclining headrest. It cleverly prevents the child’s head from falling forward even when asleep. The car seat also boasts additional side protectors that are similar to a side airbag effectively absorbing the energy of a side impact collision. The ISOFIX Connect System further enhances the stability and safety of the seat. Also compatible with cars that are not equipped with ISOFIX.