The five hidden features of the Yemaya baby carrier

The Yemaya is more than a stylish baby carrier, which offers ergonomic carrying positions for your baby. Its well thought-through functionality is only visible when you look closer. We took a closer look at five hidden features for you.

  1. Feature: the adjustable seat panel


The stepless adjustment of the seat panel grows with your baby. Its width adjusts to cover the distance between baby’s knee hollows to help ensure an ergonomic position.

Individually adjusted

  • covers the distance between the backs of baby’s knees
  • stepless adjustment for every age (3,5kg – 12 kg)
  • helpful guide inside states the approximate age of the child for easy adjustment
  • the seat panel adjustment is invisibly integrated into the hip belt

  1. Feature: the intelligent lining

The cotton lining of the Yemaya is made from wrap-like fabric. The smart fabric is diagonally elastic and offers a close, custom fit around baby’s body. This way, the head and the naturally rounded back receive optimized support.

Lining crafted from wrap-like fabric

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Static in woof and warp, but diagonally elastic
  • snuggles around baby’s back, offering optimized support
  1. Feature: the stowable headrest


The adjustable headrest is an important feature that supports the heads of infants or sleeping babies. Hidden in an invisible pocket, the headrest can be pulled out or stowed as needed.

Incredibly invisible

  • Adjustable: the headrest offers optimum support for baby’s head without covering the face
  • Hidden: for a modern design with clean lines, the head rest is placed in the hidden pocket when it’s not in use
  • Covered: The hooks of the head rest are covered by the baby carrier’s fabric during non-use


  1. Feature: the clever storage loop

Did you know? The Yemaya is a so-called „halfbuckle carrier“ where the shoulder straps are tied and the hip belt is closed with a buckle.

Putting on the carrier starts with the hip belt. At this time, the shoulder straps dangle down loosely and touch the floor, which is not nice and even less hygienic. The integrated storage loop for shoulder straps makes it easy to avoid this.

Always in reach

  • The shoulder straps are placed in the storage loop before you start tying the carrier
  • Easy-to-reach shoulder straps make it easy to put on the Yemaya by yourself
  1. Feature: the secured hip belt buckle

The security loop helps provide optimized safety by preventing the complete opening of the hip belt. Should the buckle have been opened unintentionally, the security loop stops the hip belt from opening.


Double Safety

  • this safety feature is nearly invisibly integrated into the clean design of the Yemaya
  • when closed, part of the buckle is covered by the hip belt fabric

Available in a range of fabrics and prints, including our iconic crocodile-leather look, Birds of Paradise, and Hide and Seek designs, Yemaya transforms the aesthetics of traditional baby carriers into a veritable accessory that seamlessly fits into modern wardrobes. Find out more about the Yemaya on our website!