The cover of a child car seat is more than just a shell, the attractive exterior of a seat that contributes to your child’s comfort.

According to the current test standard ECE 44/04

  • The child restraint must not be used without the seat cover, and
  • The seat cover should not be replaced with any other than the one recommended by the manufacturer, because the cover constitutes an integral part of the restraint performance.

The original cover guarantees an optimal fit and high-quality surface properties so that the harness is always optimally positioned. The padding ensures not only comfort but also has a shock-absorbing effect.

In order to guarantee that the child car seat provides maximum protection, and to ensure that the seat stays looking nicer for longer, it is very important to clean the cover regularly. Cleaning the cover properly increases its lifespan. Please do not wash at a higher temperature than is recommended by the manufacturer (delicate cycle 30°C), because otherwise it can lose its shape. The cover should also not be washed together with other clothes and should absolutely not be tumble-dried or dried in the blazing sun. On no account use chemical detergents or bleaching agents. Dried-in dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.

CYBEX products are made from conventional natural and synthetic materials. Like most consumer products, our products also contain standard materials that contribute to giving them certain characteristics such as durability, stress-resistance, and low weight. The fabrics have been optimised in terms of stability, colour-fastness, temperature-resistance and dirt-resistance. They also conform to the guidelines and regulations of the automobile industry with regard to the flammability of materials used in vehicle interiors, without which the child seat would not be approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. You can rest assured that every material component is precisely tested in every possible way to guarantee the safety of children and adults alike.

Should the seat cover become unsightly or worn out through too much wear and tear, please only use the replacement covers of the seat manufacturer. These are easy to order through specialist dealers, and you can even choose a different colour as long as the cover matches the child seat model. CYBEX revitalises its collections every year with new seat-cover designs.

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