Tips for buying infant carriers for preterm and very small newborn babies

Below, we have put together some useful tips for buying a quality infant carrier for small infants.


  • Infant carriers in the ECE 0+ Group are the safest and most commonly used carriers for transporting infants. They can be used until the infant reaches a weight of 13kg and must be secured in a rear-facing position. In a collision, the baby’s entire torso and head are evenly supported by the back rest.
  • When purchasing a new carrier, it is important to ensure that it comes with an orange ECE label. The infant carrier should have been tested and approved in accordance with the current standard ECE R-44/04.
  • Purchase your infant carrier well before your baby’s due date, preferably from a specialist retailer, and ensure you are familiar with how it works.
  • Before buying an infant carrier, try it out in your car first, so remember to take your car to the store. The length and geometry of the seat belt and the seat design vary from car to car. If the infant carrier is likely to be switched between vehicles, it is important to ensure that it fits in both cars equally as well.
  • Though fragile, even infants have to be secured safely in their car seats. The Y-belt system has proven to be a very good and comfortable solution, particularly for pre- and full-term babies.
  • Your child should grow out of the infant carrier rather than growing into it. Always choose an infant carrier that grows with your child and gives your baby perfect support and optimum protection from that very first journey to the transition to the next size up. Your infant will receive added support if the seat cover is not too smooth.
  • It is now possible to buy infant carriers fitted with a special function to ensure the angle between the head, neck and chest is as shallow as possible. A newborn baby is not yet able to support and hold the weight of her own head. The neck muscles are still extremely weak and the baby has no control over her heavy head. A relatively flat lying position significantly reduces the danger of the head falling forwards – particularly in the case of newborns and preterm babies – thus averting the associated risk of suffocation.


 Working in close cooperation with German doctors and midwives, CYBEX’s international team of experts has channelled the latest medical findings on preterm and newborn babies into the third generation of its extremely successful Aton infant carrier – the CYBEX Aton 3.

 What makes the CYBEX Aton 3 infant carrier so special?

It is packed with the latest safety technology!

  •  It is designed with the same safety concept as the CYBEX Aton 2 which emerged as the TEST WINNER 2012 Group 0+ in the tests conducted by independent German testing institute Stiftung Warentest (“GOOD”, on a scale of 1-6 with 1 being the best, the seat was awarded a 1.6 with Isofix base).

In the safety category, the Aton 2 was even awarded the best grade of “VERY GOOD” by independent German testing institute Stiftung Warentest & German automobile association ADAC

  • A height-adjustable headrest with 8 settings and an integrated seat-belt positioner
  • Linear side-impact protection (L.S.P. System)


It has many beneficial functions!

  •  Integrated adjustable settings to achieve as flat a position as possible. The risk of suffocation caused by the head falling forwards is thus greatly reduced. The easily adjustable settings offer children space and comfort as they grow.
  • XXL sun canopy with UV50+ protection
  • Extra wide Y-belt

It combines safety and functionality with great design!

  •  Awarded the highly coveted red dot award: Product Design 2013 for excellent product design


 It has already passed its first practical test with flying colours!

  •  Awarded the best grade of “Very Good” by the highly critical inspectors at German online car magazine


Find out more about the third generation of the Aton infant carrier – CYBEX Aton 3 – here: