2012 ADAC child seat test, too, pronounces CYBEX a technology leader in child safety with EXCELLENT ratings!

After many glorious results, now ADAC published as well their excellent grades for our products. Being awarded by such an important association, makes us more than glad and proud.

CYBEX Aton 2 with/without Isofix Base und CYBEX Juno-fix received top ratings at ADAC child seat test 2012:

  • tops ratings for safety
  • tops ratings in tests for harmful substances
  • tops ratings for workmanship and easiness to clean

 In child seat tests jointly conducted by ADAC and German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest this year, Cybex again received top ratings for child safety. The sensational results exceeded even the most optimistic expectations of the company that made child safety seats its top priority.

Leaving its competitors far behind, infant car seat CYBEX Aton 2 with Isofix Base received the highest rating 1,6 “GOOD” and CYBEX Aton 2 without Base was ranked best with 1,8 “GOOD”. The testers praised the overall safety performance, workmanship and easiness with which the seats can be cleaned, criteria that earned both models the highest rating “EXCELLENT”. In addition, both infant seats performed well in front and side impact tests and advanced stability tests.

Among Group l seats the CYBEX Juno-fix stood out with a fantastic 1,6 “GOOD” rating. Again, the Cybex model’s performance in front and side impact tests as well as in stability test outdid its competitors with an “EXCELLENT” result.

The CYBEX Pallas 2 also came out on top in the Group I/II/III with a 2,2 “GOOD” rating, an honour shared with one of the competing models. In addition to its outstanding safety performance the testers praised the user-friendliness and ergonomics of this adjustable child seat.

Among Group II/III entries the CYBEX Solution X2 achieved an equally impressive second place and was given a brilliant 1,9 “GOOD” rating by the ADAC experts.

 In the category “testing for harmful substances” all 5 CYBEX car seats were awarded the highest score “EXCELLENT”.

The ADAC had focused its latest test series on the car seats’ side impact performance as most vehicles have a very limited lateral crush zone, dramatically increasing the risk of getting seriously injured when compared to frontal collisions. All CYBEX car seats scored well in this category. And what is more, CYBEX is the only manufacturer to have received the special distinction “EXCELLENT” for its unique safety concept. This proves once more that the relatively young company, established only in 2005, has developed into a technology leader whose success is founded on implementing the seemingly impossible in terms of child safety.