CYBEX Aton 2 and CYBEX Sirona come top

French consumer organization Que Choisir, the French equivalent of Stiftung Warentest in Germany or Which? in the UK, has published the results of this year’s child safety seat tests in its magazine. Once again, the products from CYBEX exceeded the expectations in the categories safety, handling, comfort and non-toxicity.

Of the 9 Group 0+ infant carriers included in the test, the CYBEX Aton 2 Base-fix came top. The belted version of the CYBEX Aton 2 was just pipped to the post, arriving in second place, strides ahead of the remaining field. The winning seat was awarded a VERY GOOD in six disciplines: head-on collision, side-impact collision, overall collision safety, easy-to-follow instructions, spaciousness and zero toxins.

In the Group 0+/1 (rear-facing) category, the pioneering combination car seat CYBEX Sirona clearly led the field. This seat is characterised by excellent protection in head-on collisions. Offering the well-known superb protection of a rear-facing infant carrier in frontal collisions, the CYBEX Sirona acts like a protective shield extending its excellent protection even for children up to the age of around four years. Small children are frequently switched to a forward-facing seat far too early. In a head-on collision – the most frequent type of accident – the child’s comparatively heavy head is thrown forward with enormous force while the shoulders are held back. Even at low speeds, this can cause serious injury such as paralysis or even death. Rear-facing seats dramatically reduce the risk because they act as a protective wall into which the child is pressed in a collision. CYBEX Sirona not only offers extremely good protection in a head-on collision but also plenty of space for the child.