In the latest car seat tests conducted by leading independent Swedish test institute TESTFAKTA (test 08/2016) the CYBEX SIRONA M i-Size was the overall winner of the best rear-facing car seat category.

The test by TESTFAKTA is one of the most rigorous safety tests in the world and CYBEX is delighted that the latest addition to the CYBEX car seat family the Sirona M i-Size is the overall test winner, ahead of 8 other competitive rearward-facing seats.

testfakta-enTESTFAKTA enhanced the crash pulse rates over and above the standard R129 testing. The CYBEX Sirona M i-Size seat performed consistently well throughout the test, with good results in both front and side collision crashes. Using and fitting a car seat correctly is important because incorrect use directly correlates to children being more likely to be seriously injured during a crash. The CYBEX Sirona M i-Size is easy to install and use, reducing the risk of misuse. All these factors combine to make this seat the best in test overall winner.

The test criteria supports the CYBEX rearward facing message and the drive to meet the highest safety standards, whilst implementing a clear and unique design combined with intelligent functionality.

Sirona M i-Size rear-facing car seat

Safely rear-facing until your child reaches 105 cm in height

  • Rearward facing up to 105cm, approx. 4 years
  • Alternatively forward facing from 16 months and 76 cm
  • Integrated L.S.P. System
  • One-hand recline function
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Click-in system to change seat position

When using the CYBEX Sirona M i-Size, the child can be transported in a rear-facing position from birth until they reach 105cm in height (approx. 4 years). The new, intelligent design means that even taller kids have plenty of leg room to sit comfortably. But it doesn‘t take up too much space either – the Sirona M i-Size can be easily installed in smaller cars. Additional features such as the one-hand reclining function provide extra convenience and make everyday use easier.


What the experts say:

Anders Kullgren: professor in traffic safety at Chalmers University of Technology and research Director at Folksam.

‘Studies show that 20% of fatal crashes with children 0-14 years old in Sweden come from side impact collisions’ –– ‘We have studied real-world crashes for many years in Sweden and we are pleased that side impact test is part of the new ECE R 129 regulation’.

Johannes Schlamminger, Managing Director of CYBEX:

This sensational result once again confirms our conviction that the successful collaboration between our developers, designers and consumers gives rise to car seats that meet the highest possible safety standards which are over and above all national legal requirements. The aim to develop car seats that bring together the best safety and quality, as well as unique design and intelligent functionality, will remain the focus of CYBEX’s work long into the future.”

PLEASE NOTE: The Sirona M i-Size has been updated with a new version on our website: the Sirona M2 i-Size. The main changes comprise an optimized headrest, so that the children now have more space in the head section. In addition the support leg and the belt holder have been adjusted. The support leg now locks in both directions, and the magnetic belt holder was replaced by belt loops. Thereby the Sirona M2 i-Size has retained its most important function: it complies with the new European requirements and regulations for car seats ECE R-129 (i-Size).