Only a few days to go – find out more about CYBEX by Lala Berlin in our exclusive interview with designer Leyla Piedayesh

Last week CYBEX was lucky to meet and talk with Leyla Piedayesh – Designer of German brand Lala Berlin – about her collection for CYBEX and her most important aspect while designing for CYBEX.

1. Leyla, what does the collaboration with CYBEX mean to you?

The collaboration with CYBEX gives me the opportunity to expand my portfolio and broaden my wealth of experience with regards to design. Also, being a mother myself, I’m very interested in strollers – which mum doesn’t want to take a walk pushing a stylish buggy?!

2. Buggies and baby carriers vs. satin blouses and delicate knitwear – did you need to change your thinking when designing the CYBEX collection?

Of course, you have to rethink a lot: it’s about children, about the parents’ needs but also about warmth.
When I’m designing for my label Lala Berlin everything revolves around similar concepts but the practical aspects of the CYBEX buggies aren’t an issue. Also, a great part of my attention belongs to the little ones – in the end, it’s them who have to feel safe and comfortable in my designs.

3. What is your favourite CYBEX product?

I’m a big fan of the CYBEX buggies, like the Onyx for instance – handy, casual, cool, and easy to handle! My daughter Lou (5) is a big fan as well.

4. Does your daughter Lou influence your CYBEX designs?

My daughter generally has a great influence. I’ve already had a lot of experience with buggies, baby carriers and the like after she was born, so I know exactly what I disliked at the time and what I thought should be improved. When designing for CYBEX I was able to translate my experiences into my designs.

The CYBEX by Lala Berlin collection will be available in stores from December 2012.