All roads lead to Rome

On summer vacation with ADAC test winner Aton 2,  Juno-fix or best rated Solution X2!

Do you already know where to spend your holidays? Maybe the Baltic Sea or the Spanish onshore? Wherever your journey goes, with our awarded car seats, our little passengers travel more secure. Win one of our test winners (Aton 2, Juno-fix) or the likewise awarded Solution X2 – depending on the age of your little one.

Due to developed side protection, which reduces the impact in case of a crash, the risks of injuries caused by an accident are minimized with the Aton 2. Besides, the test winner has an ergonomic shape, a fashionable design and is designed in the main trend colors this season.

US visitors please note: due to different regulations we will be giving away the CYBEX Aton for babies 4 to 32 pounds and up to 30 inches tall.

You want to travel with one of our car seats? You can, you just have to answer our riddle.